Soups & Snacks

Our Soups are a combination of nutrient filled natural ingredients. More emphasis is placed on vegetarian soups that go perfectly with a light Salad or Wrap.

Tired of not finding your Soup at the Kiosk? Please call 89938015 to pre-order your choice or inform the server a day before.


Pumpkin Soup                 2500F

Local Pumpkin (Courge), coconut milk and a hint of red curry

Leek & Potato Soup        2500F

Pureed seasoned Leak and Potato

Peas & Mint Soup         2500F

Pureed seasoned green Peas and Mint

Paris: Vegetable Soup       2500F

Pureed seasoned Carrots, Zucchini, Sweet Potatoes, and Leeks.

Carrot Soup                   2500F

Pureed seasoned Carrot and Coriander

Chicken Corn Soup          2500F

Chinese style corn soup with shredded Chicken breast, white egg yolk, green Onions and Soya seasoning

Tomato and Basil Soup    2500F

Pureed seasoned Tomatoes and Basil leaves

(The starred items are not constantly available, please inform the server to order them for the next day)

Large Empanada            500F

Fried Pastry with seasoned Beef or *Vegetable stuffing

(Can be Baked)

*Creamy Chicken Empenada  1000F
Baked Pastry with Creamy Chicken Stuffing

*3 Kibbeh               1000F

(Goes nicely with a side of Tabouleh and Hummos for an extra 2500F)

*Vegetables and Hummos            1000F

Carrots, Cucumbers, and Celery with Hummos in a cup

*6 Beef or Vegetable Spring Rolls  1000F

*2 Mini Pizzas                   500F

*Deep- fried Shrimps (6pcs) 2 500 F

Sweet Potato Chips 500 F

*Vegetarian Quesadillas    2000F

Red Bean, green Pepper and Tomato Salsa, Cheddar cheese, green Onions and Parsley

*Feta, Leek and Spinach Tartlet 500F

*Brie and Onion Chutney Tartlet 500F