Through our drinks, we highlight the products of our Ivorian soil. Give yourself a firming and satisfying break between two meetings.

Cold Drinks

Our juices are rammed with the best tropical fruits we can find on the market. We are constantly adding new recipes and are here to cater to your demands.

Local Juice500 F
Bissap, Tamarin, Ginger, Baobab

Seasonal Fruit Juice 1 000 F
Orange, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Baobab Cocktail

Smoothies                        1500F
Crushed Ice with 2 or 3 Fruits or Vegetables of your choice

Iced Coffee                 500 F

Iced Tea                   500 F

Hot Drinks

We pride ourselves for being one of the first coffee shops in Abidjan. Our coffee is sourced from the best quality Ivorian and international coffee and great attention is paid to making you the best cup to start your day.

Espresso 1 000 F

American Coffee               500F

Cappuccino1 500 F

Mocha Latte1 500 F

Latte 1 500 F

Tea                                1000F

Hot Chocolate                  1000F